Standard fee: $150 for 50 min consultation for Better Access and Private clients

Medicare Rebates under Better Access
Medicare Rebate: $88.25

Initially patients pay the $150.00 before the session.
Patients later receive a generous refund of $88.25 from Medicare and end up paying a gap of $61.75.
Check with your doctor for eligibility for sessions under Better Access.

We can offer bulk billing to a limited number of patients with Current Health Care Card and Pensioner Card holders. Due to demand, there may be long wait times between appointments.
NDIS participants and recipients of Victim’s Assist are not eligible for bulk billing.

DVA: As per DVA Fee Schedule

Health Funds
May be eligible for rebate through your private health fund

NDIS: As per NDIS Fee Schedule

Victim’s Assist: $207.90 (inc. GST)

Workcover: As per Workcover Fee Schedule

CTP:  $275

From today, Monday 03/01/2022 we will only be offering TELEHEALTH and Phone Counselling