Bindi Cilento’s broken right arm from Saturday 07/11/2020

Hi folks
This was an adventure we would have preferred to miss.. . but Bindi is rallying like the trooper she is.

We know there is a 2 week time line to stabilize the injury sufficiently to allow her
to record notes and attend to many other tasks in her professional role.
If all goes to plan Bindi will resume sessions from the week beginning Monday 23/11/2020.
From Monday 14/12/2020 till Friday 01/01/2021 we will take another sort of “break”… for the festives!… đŸ˜‰

If you are in urgent need of help we recommend that you log into
APS (Australian Psychological Society Limited) and the link to “Find a Psychologist”:

Just add the suburb you want and maybe the distance you are willing to travel, if you want to see a psychologist live.
Please let your doctor know, so they can issue a new referral.
Suggest to them they can write a referral addressed to “The Psychologist”.
This allows you to use the same referral with any psychologist under the Medicare guidelines.
For sessions that are not through Medicare you can simply contact the psychologist’s office directly.
If you are claiming insurance, be sure to get a properly itemised receipt for the session.

Please check back here and check our recorded message on the business mobile phone number: 0434 001 091

You can also email us at:

Cheers Phil Tozer

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