Days & Hours for Sessions

Wednesday: 8 am-7pm  at Calamvale Family Practice

Thursday: 8am – 6pm at Medicross Jimboomba


Phone Contacts

Medicross Jimboomba: Ph. (07) 5548 8800

Calamvale Family Practice: Ph. (07) 3272 4533

We will only be offering limited Bulk Bill sessions from today, Monday 03/01/2022.

Bulk Bill sessions have always been discretionary and now we want to let all our clients and fellow professionals know that is how we will proced.

From Monday 17/01/2022 we will be arranging a new way to manage sessions known as:

DNA or Did Not Arrive

If an appointment has been made and the client confirms the session a few days before the session, they want to attend and then DNA, we will ask the staff to call that client and seek an explanation.

Given that some people will face real difficulties with their lives, staff can decide to offer a particular client ONE MORE opportunity to attend.

The client will be told there will be only this last offer, then they will be asked to seek alternatives to seeing Bindi Cilento.

This is being done to allow the maximum number of people to have a chance to have their session with Bindi

From today, Monday 03/01/2022 we will only be offering TELEHEALTH and Phone Counselling